Instant healthcare anywhere

Our roots

It happened in Bangkok. April 2018 when both Vea and Timo need medical attention: Timo got a rash on a foot and Vea an upset stomach.

And our insurance companies just suggested to find a suitable clinic on our own, later just bringing receipts for reimbursement.

We found it a tedious and challenging task, as foreigners in the city. Getting sick is not fun, getting sick abroad even worse. And instead of peace of mind, which insurances advertise, we got more things to worry about.

It was also odd that every time you see a doctor abroad you  start from zero - they know nothing about you as they don't have access  to your prior records. That was a discovery that sparked us to create  e-Healthstory, a safe place for you to keep and share your medical  records, regardless the clinic or country they have been created.

While  talking to other travellers over the summer months, we discovered that  there are more travellers, who have been frustrated while trying to get  care on their trips. Often travellers have been also abused in clinics  by overcharging with procedures and drugs not needed in specific case  (like taxi drivers did before Grab/Lyft/Taxify came to market mischarged  you or did longer de-routes).

In August we were accepted into YC Start-up School on Advisory Track and with their help we have been designing Nursebeam  to offer a win-win solution for both:

  • travellers, who get sick abroad, to get instant care via medical chatbot;
  • their insurers, helping them to offer more care-centric solutions, while reducing claim payouts thanks to increased efficiency.

Not everyone can afford to travel like Donald Trump with 8 private doctors, but everyone on the road should be able to have their own digital nurse. That's what Nursebeam is. Instant medical assistance over a chatbot for travellers.

If you have a health problem on the road, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... the Nursebeam.

Have you got previously sick on one of your travels? How did it go? What would you like to change in your experience? Share your thoughts with us at

Likewise, if you wish to contribute in improving healthcare for travellers in any kind, with your know-how,  connections or financially, let's get in touch and join our forces.

May health and care be with you,
Vea, Timo, Hussen and Andre

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