Instant healthcare anywhere

Secret sauce for travel insurance 3.0

Running travel insurance is not easy business. Policyholders get emotional while they get stuck abroad. Claims are complicated and often in foreign languages. Different reasons in all shapes and sizes. Insurance policies are long and complicated, often hard to digest for both claim handlers and the policyholders. Piles of paperwork flying in from every oorner of the world.

It does not have to be this way. The future can be golden.

1.0 when travellers rely fully on themselves. Still popular to some extent among cost-sensitive and risky travellers. At extreme conditions, can result severe financial difficulties.

2.o is when insurers reimburse the claims after the trip, but offering little help when the #### hits the fan on the road. And medical bills are high. Just like taxis before the ridehailing apps: inconvenient and expensive, when new in the town.

Meet 3.0: data-driven and care-centric assistance: instant and transparent medical care delivered over a chatbot. Up to 200x cheaper for insurers and multitudes more convenient for the travellers. Users are happy to recommend and insurer gets boost for NPS (net promoter score) as well.

Want to feel the taste of future? Text us at to get access to demo.

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