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Hi there! We're Vea, Hussen, Andre and Timo - bringing you instant healthcare anywhere on the world, over a chatbot.

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  • You, the Traveller: we don't bite, but can help with your bites & more. Let us know  about your current or upcoming trip and we can assist you with your healthcare needs, text us for care.
  • You, the Insurer: want to transform your claim-centric travel insurance to care-centric;  get more happy customers while reducing costs? Yes, it's possible if you integrate Nursebeam to your customer service flows. Ping us for making it happen.
  • You, the Investor: want to  help us  to make the world a safer and healthier place for travellers? Yes, that's possible, if you invest in Nursebeam. Pitch your interest for details.

Up for business?
Talk to Timo: WhatsApp +372 5885 9888 /

Medical challenges?
Hussen helps: WhatsApp +65 9136 5176 /
Vea helps via WhatsApp +66 99 626 1394 /

A bit unsure?
Send an email to

Fan of legal matters?

While were born in Singapore, in helping you globally we trade legally as:
Nursebeam Inc. (#7092446 @DE, USA)
Nursebeam OÜ (#14678148 @Estonia, VAT: EE102142112)

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