Hi there! We're Vea and Timo, helping sick travellers find care.

Say "Hello!" and get in touch with us.

  • You, the Traveller: we don't bite, but can help with your bites & more. Let us know about your current or upcoming trip and we can assist you with your healthcare needs, call or text us for care.
  • You, the Insurer: want to transform your claim-centric travel insurance to care-centric, get more happy customers while reducing costs? Yes, it's possible if you integrate Nursebeam to your customer service flows, call or text us for making it happen.
  • You, the Investor: want to ¬†help us to make the world a safer and healthier place for travellers? Yes, that's possible, if you invest in Nursebeam. Furthermore, you could earn in the process as well, call or text us for details.

WhatsApp Vea: +66 99 626 1394 (helps in Bangkok and beyond)
WhatsApp Timo: +372 5885 9888 (helps in Singapore and beyond)
Or type an email to hello@nursebeam.com

Legal matters

Nursebeam, Inc. is serving you globally, legally registered as USA-based Delaware C-corp # 7092446 (PS: Thanks Stripe Atlas for helping us to incorporate)

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