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How to stay healthy while resuming international travel

Timo Uustal

It is no news for Nursebeamers that travel this year has been limited since the onset of COVID19 pandemic. Many countries have halted some or all international travel but now have plans to re-open travel. For example you might be into travelling within the EU or other travel bubble zomes.

But how to stay low, avoiding infecting yourself with COVID19 on the way?

Today WHO listed public health considerations while resuming international travel. You can read them in detail here.

The main takeaways for travellers:

General advice for travellers includes personal and hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, maintaining physical distance of at least one metre from others and use of a mask as appropriate . Sick travellers and persons at risk, including elderly travellers and people with serious chronic diseases or underlying health conditions, should postpone travel internationally to and from areas with community transmission.

So, travel only when healthy. And even then, make sure to maintain high hygiene standards and avoid crowded venues.

When making travel bookings, prefer flexible booking conditions. Many airlines and hotel chains have flexible booking policies currently, make sure the fine print of yours says that it is flexible as well.

Travel restrictions change often these days, you can see currently applied regulations at IATA COVID19 Travel Regulations Map.

IATA COVID19 Travel Regulations Map as of 31 July 2020 14:30:06 UTC. The darker blue, the stricter restrictions.

Depending on the country, you might need to take COVID19 test before leaving home and/or after arrival. Some countries also apply on-arrival self-isolation.

If you do travel, self-monitor yourself for the potential onset of symptoms on arrival for 14 days, report symptoms and travel history to local health facilities and follow national protocols. This way all of us can stay healthier and safer, making combating COVID19 faster and easier.

You now think "What about travel insurance?" There are some insurers, which do have COVID19 cover for travels, while many yet don't cover those costs. Check your cover before booking the trip and leaving home.

On the insurance front, as of today there is also one airline, which offers free COVID19 insurance cover for all passengers automatically. Thus, when having a choice of airlines, consider Emirates. You can read more on their "Free global cover for COVID-19" here. Worth extra mentioning - their support works also via WhatsApp.

So, when starting to travel again, fly high, but keep infections low.

If you still have some travel health questions, feel free to draw or write us at and we'd be happy to find a way forward.

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