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Navigating COVID19 travel terms of airlines and hotels

Timo Uustal

Besides medical questions on coronavirus, many Nursebeam users have also asked for advice how to change and cancel their trips. Our team looked into this and put together a database of different airline and hotel policies - how they can change current and new tickets, at what terms.

Complete overview of 106 major airlines and 23 hotel chains is at

Turns out, many airlines offer free changes, but with strings attached - subject to date restrictions and fare difference. Cash refunds might be limited to only flights, which are cancelled, often credit vouchers (valid for 6 to 24 months) are offered instead. Some airlines are more creative - offering vouchers at up to 125% ticket value or extra services included (like free upgrade or extra piece of luggage).

Flights that still operate are subject to country entry and transit regulations, for which the latest up-to-date information is at dedicated IATA page.

Have a look on the overview and if you still need help, reach out to and we'll help you navigate this changing travel policy landscape.

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