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TechChill Fifty Founders Battle: MedTech TOP10

Timo Uustal

At the time when many events worldwide have been cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak, in the Nordics life goes on. The airports operate in any weather and tech events are still held, despite the chilly rain outside.

TechChill 2020, the biggest tech event in the Baltic states, was held 20th to 21st Feb in Riga, Latvia. Part of the event was also Fifty Founders Battle, covering TOP10 startups from different industries. Nursebeam was selected into MedTech TOP10.

The other 9 were: Magnalysis, CastPrint, Kipuwex, BrachyDOSE, Longenesis, Ligence, VeritaCell, Lucero-Bio and Vigo. They were covering MedTech areas, starting with customised cast creation to cell-based skin regeneration. Vigo earlier Nursebeam partner, also fellow EIT Health Alumni, which focuses on stroke recovery.

The main prize at Fifty Founders Battle went into Estonia, start-up Woola from Greentech track. They have come up with new way of using sheep wool as sustainable packaging material, with high potential to reduce worldwide plastic use.

Woola, Estonian Greentech startup, winner of Fifty Founders Battle at TechChlll 2020.
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